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Published: January 24 2014 | 1:08 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 2:37 am in

State Auditor Mary Mosiman is recommending the Iowa Department of Transportation strengthen password controls and segregate duties for the reconciliation of cash drawers from the individuals collecting the fees. DOT officials are responsible for vehicle registration and title systems used by county treasurers to provide services directly to Iowa. Mosiman said the systems provide a statewide standard method of tracking vehicle information and accounting for funds collected and deposited into the state Road Use Tax Fund. In auditing operations from April 16 through May 15 of 2012, the state auditorís office recommended that duties needed to be further segregated in reconciling money in the county treasurersí cash drawers with the individuals collecting the fees. Mosiman also noted that cash and check amounts are verified prior to daily sweeps using electronic funds transfer requests. Due to limited staffing at some smaller counties, the state auditor said, vehicle registration clerks may reconcile and balance their own cash drawers Ė a procedure which does not provide adequate segregation of duties. Mosiman recommended DOT officials should develop procedures to ensure oversight is provided for locations where duties are not properly segregated. In response, the department indicated it requests that county treasurers always have two people confirm motor vehicle revenue collected each day. On days when only one person is available, the agency requests that the county treasurer arrange with someone from another county office to verify the deposit amount. DOT officials also indicated they have strengthened controls of user IDs and passwords for the vehicle registration and title system as recommended in the auditorís report.


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