Single-gender classes improve test scores

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Published: January 23 2014 | 12:31 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 2:34 am in

For the past four decades, I’ve been reading about the reasons for the failure of our public school students to achieve satisfactory results on international, national, regional and local tests. It’s always the same — not enough money, poor home life, inequality of the races, class sizes too large, inadequate pay for teachers, and the beat goes on.

When was the last time anyone read about a “breakthrough” in teaching that resulted in improved national test scores, higher classroom grades and a diminishing number of disciplinary problems in the classrooms? Such a method does exist but educational administrators appear to avoid discussing this opportunity for today’s students.

The past two years, I have spent researching the history, the past and present implementation and the results of this program. It is astounding what students at all ages have achieved from single-gender classes, both male and female. Yet local administrators decline to meet with me briefly to discuss the subject. Perhaps I’m not academic enough for such a meeting?

After graduation from a local college, I taught in two Iowa districts for five years, then moved to California and taught one year before leaving the educational field. Before my retirement, I spent 45-plus years returning sick companies to health, so I believe I’m qualified to discuss problems of this nature.

I ask your readers to research “single gender classes” on the Internet and let me hear from them as to whether or not it might be worth considering for their children.

Phil Alexander



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