Recycling facility the future for Linn County

The Gazette Opinion Staff
Published: January 23 2014 | 12:33 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 2:34 am in

The Jan. 14 article “C.R. opens $12 million recycling facility” missed the mark — and a great story.

Instead of reporting that recycling services are now available to Linn County residents in one location, the article focused on issues that have nothing to do with resource recovery. Nowhere could readers find out that they can recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, electronics (including TVs and computers), fluorescent bulbs, batteries, medical sharps, and household hazardous materials for no charge. The agency can now target materials and direct resources to emerging markets.

The article failed to mention the agency is now prepared, in the event of another flood, tornado or disaster, to recover materials. The building was designed to be flexible, convenient, and energy efficient. Linn County residents can be proud we are transitioning to recovery of resources and planning for the future.

The agency does not receive taxpayer dollars; landfill tipping fees underwrite all services and programs. The agency accepted more than 400,000 tons of flood debris. Fees from providing that work are invested in programs that serve Linn County. Revenue also helps pay for the monitoring and care of Mount Trashmore for at least the next 30 years, and, when it closes, the County Home Road landfill.

By the way, the resource recovery building cost approximately $7 million.

Linn County residents are invited to visit the new facility and see what it has to offer. Welcome to the future of solid waste management, the beginning of a resource recovery era.

Submitted on behalf of the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency staff.

Joe Horaney



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