Linn attorney will ask judge to revoke Maurice Harden's probation for third time

No date yet for probation revocation hearing

Trish Mehaffey
Published: January 20 2014 | 11:13 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 2:23 am in

A teen involved in a 2009 robbery that led to a Cedar Rapids Police officer being severely injured may be out of second chances, as his third probation revocation was filed last Friday by Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden.

Maurice Harden, 19, of Cedar Rapids is on probation for first-degree robbery and interference with official acts causing serious injury in the March 29, 2009 robbery of David Scanlon and Austin Switalski, both of Cedar Rapids. During that robbery, Officer Tim Davis responded to the call and attempted to stop Jose Rockiett, 18, of Cedar Rapids, who was with Harden. Harden ran away before the assault happened but Rockiett struck Davis in the head with a BB-gun and he suffered a fractured skull and severe brain swelling after falling and hitting his head on the street, according to police reports.

Harden received a deferred sentence on the 25-year prison term because he was a juvenile at the time and then he received probation last year after he turned 18.

Harden first violated his probation in November 2012 for missed curfews and testing positive for drugs and was allowed to remain on probation but was given some jail time. Harden just moved into the Hinzman Center last October after Vander Sanden filed his second revocation for missed curfews and testing positive for marijuana.

Sixth Judicial District Judge Ian Thornhill said at the October hearing that this was Harden's last reprieve to allow him to receive drug treatment and gain employment under more restrictions. He extended Harden's probation for one year.

Harden has committed five rule violations of the center, according to the application for revocation filed last Friday by Vander Sanden after Harden was considered an escapee on Jan. 14. He went missing for two hours after he didn't return to the center from attending a drug class at the Area Substance Abuse Center.

His other rule violations at the center:

-Jan. 11, Harden was on an approved three hour pass to look for work but he called hours later, saying he missed his bus and was told to return as soon as possible. He was then placed on escape status two hours after that call.

-Dec. 3, 2013, Harden didn't show up for his job and was found sleeping in his bed.

-Nov. 24, 2013, Harden was strip searched and a cell phone and headset, which is considered contraband at the center, was found.

-Oct. 30,2013, Harden was given a furlough to look for work, but instead he was at Redmond Park with his aunt.

Probation officials said in the report that Harden doesn't take "his probation serious," making it "impossible to supervise the defendant."

A probation revocation hearing hasn't been set at this time.

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