New ‘diet’ book advocates SANE eating

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In “The Calorie Myth” Johnathan Bailo challenges the generally accepted dieting tactics such as eating less, exercising more and counting carbs,, sugars and calories. Instead, he suggests eating more and exercising less.

Not surprisingly, I was skeptical and couldn’t wait to see what Bailor had to say.

Bailor spends much of the first third of the book citing study after study to back up his claim that calorie counting doesn’t work. What does work, he writes, is SANE — Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition and Efficiency — eating.

By understanding how food is digested, you find that foods high in protein, low in fat/sugars, and non-starchy vegetables are SANE. By eating these foods, you change your metabolism, and only then can you begin lose weight.

If you eat SANE foods until you are full, there’s no room for other fat-causing foods.

I found that the study-heavy first few chapters to drug on. I understand that the author wanted to share the science behind his research, but he could have done so more succinctly.

Once Bailor shared his plan for eating more and exercising less, my interest resumed. His tips aren’t new: eat more lean meats and protein, more leafy, green vegetables and less of the starchy, carbohydrates and sweets and you will see results. I found his explanation of calorie counting to make a lot of sense, though.

For example, he writes:

“More water and fiber means bigger food, more stretch and getting fuller and staying fuller longer ... 250 calories of Twinkies are not the same as 250 calories of broccoli.”

Throughout the book, Bailor also addresses the political and financial motivation of government, agri-business and food corporations. He argues, food you can grow and hunt are the best choices.

Bailor claims that exercising less can actually increase your metabolism. By intensifying your workout, you can shorten the duration and because your muscles will be so taxed, you will need to have more rest days in between. Smarter interval training and intensity of effort will go a lot farther in your weight loss journey than daily workouts, according to Bailor.

Bailor ends his book with numerous recipes and lists of foods that he recommends. I am anxious to try his version of Cinnamon “Rice” Pudding. He also offers exercises that you can do at home or in a gym.

His premise boils down to this:

When you have a broken metabolism, it is going to take time to heal, just like a broken bone. As with any diet, you won’t see changes overnight, but adding these changes to your daily routine will begin to change your metabolism.

Smarter exercise will begin to change your body’s reaction to foods, and you will be able to burn more fat.

No one is perfect, but eating the right foods — SANE foods — is a key to success.

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