Angry signs don’t add to discourse

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Published: January 7 2014 | 2:02 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:45 am in

Is anyone else confused by the anti-Obamacare sign, just north of Cedar Rapids on Interstate 380? The sign reads: “He LIED. Period!” I have to drive by that obnoxiously large/incredibly confusing sign frequently and each time I pass it I am more confused. Not only is this sign a reminder of how divided we are as a nation but also how convoluted those divisions become when the message is being blasted at its intended recipients.

The sign adds nothing to the political discourse around health care and is a grammatical/punctuation nightmare. The sign features a two-word sentence followed by a period symbol, then the word “period” that is followed by an exclamation point. I understand the individual who posted this message is frustrated by Obamacare but so are many people who don’t have the luxury of such prime real estate on which to place such poorly worded signage. Moreover, the sign is an obnoxious eyesore and a bit of an embarrassment to those with legitimate health care complaints who believe in civil discourse or at the very least coherent sentence structure.

Health care is a vitally important issue and there have been some massive mistakes made at all levels of government with the recent rollout of the Affordable Care Act. People have a right to be frustrated with the mistakes that have been made. It would be much easier, however, to fix said mistakes if people would rely less on angry signs/bumper stickers and instead attempt to work together to find solutions to these very real problems.

Jonathan Burke

Iowa City


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