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Published: January 4 2014 | 12:01 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:37 am in

By Tom Snyder


Open letter to Charles Grassley, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Harkin, President Obama and too many others to list:

The reason for this public letter is because telephone calls and emails to your offices seem to be ignored or just plain not read.

At least that is the impression about 70 percent of American voters seem to have when we receive form letters thanking us for supporting you for all you are doing to us. Not one reply mentions the subject and concern of the calls and emails, especially the Affordable Care Act.

Obviously, the biggest complaint I hear is concerning the debacle of the ACA. This has a lot of blogs, media and politicians questioning impeachment of President Obama for “not telling the whole truth” to us, the public, your employer. Also discussed is the bribery (promised exemptions, bailouts and delays) for many state’s governors, health business leaders, and fellow Washington politicians long before this law was passed.

The items about the ACA that bother me are, first, ignoring the constitutional process by altering the bill illegally many times after it was passed.

Second, I have nightmares about how the public and the news media are more concerned with signing up for Obamacare than the illegal process used to help keep this mess moving forward.

Third, the total ignoring of how this health care plan is unsupportable as it is “free” or subsidized by “the government.”

I originally assumed that we, the voters, were smarter than you, the politicians, who claim you didn’t know what was in the bill until it was passed (Pelosi’s famous saying). Of course “Watter’s World” (Fox News) and Jimmy Kimmel’s interviews of people on the street seem to confirm the adage of selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo or selling the Brooklyn bridge is still true. Then, even if they don’t want it, force them to buy it anyway.

Another troubling item is showing up on blogs and news shows around the country. That question: Why has the president not been impeached? Some politicians have “suggested mildly” the president is close — maybe! That is like “a little bit pregnant, so be careful out there”!

The troubling suggestions I see and hear indicate the GOP is afraid of losing votes because impeachment attempts will be promoted by the president, and the Senate, as racist. Maybe that is why Hillary Clinton has not been pressured on Benghazi as it would be seen as sexist. Maybe impeachment would be seen as too “fast and furious.” Are public image and votes more important than rule of law?

The last few items on my “short list”: Whatever happened to being a statesman and your duty to uphold the Constitution all of you sworn to honor and protect?

For Reid: Why keep us from helping injured American soldiers instead of sending money to Mexicans to support their children born here?

What about the president continuing President Bush’s agenda (9/11) concerning the National Security Agency. What about you illegally postponing the “employer mandate” (see Section 3, Article 11 of the Constitution). What about not mentioning the great number of hospitals next year not in Obamacare?

I am not a member of the Tea Party, a sexist or racist. I am not a politician who thinks the Constitution and laws can be ignored “because they are inconvenient or in the way,” so please don’t use those excuses for ignoring the rule of law.

Tom Snyder of Dyersville is a solar thermal licensing instructor at Northeast Iowa Community College, teaches summer school at the University of Dubuque and operates a business, Alternate Energy System. Comments: studegh@mchsi.com

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