The picks: Bowl edition

Our 'experts' pick 2 of today's games and BCS championship

Published: January 1 2014 | 5:00 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:30 am in
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Iowa vs. LSU

MARC MOREHOUSE — One more trip to Tampa and Kirk Ferentz will have residency. Iowa 30, LSU 24

MIKE HLAS — Tampa is America’s Paris. If, that is, you think Waffle Houses are on a par with the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Iowa 16, LSU 14

SCOTT DOCHTERMAN — LSU’s starting quarterback was 10 years old the last time these teams played. I doubt he remembers it. LSU 28, Iowa 20

SCOTT SAVILLE — LSU has one of the best defenses in the country. If Iowa can run the ball and play power football as they did against Michigan and Nebraska they will have a chance to score some points. LSU 21, Iowa 17

BETH MALICKI — My New Year’s Resolution is to beat these other fools in this Pick ’Ems. I have months to prepare. Iowa 21, LSU 17

BOB BROOKS  — This could be the start of something big for the Iowa football team. With the favorable schedule, the players returning, a win against LSU would be a springboard to 2014. Iowa 28, LSU 17

NICK PUGLIESE – It’s all about motivation and I think Hawkeyes will be more motivated. Iowa 24, LSU 17

J.R. OGDEN – Iowa will be ready for the fight, but lacks the talent. LSU 28, Iowa 24

JEFF JOHNSON – I don’t know why. Just because. Iowa 24, LSU 17

JEREMIAH DAVIS - The Hawkeyes ended the regular season on a high note with three straight wins and appears headed to greener pastures yet in 2014. Hard to tell exactly what we'll see today, but I'll give a nod to SEC-preparedness in this one. LSU 31, Iowa 27

ROB GRAY – Will the Tigers be less than enthused to not be playing in a BCS Bowl? Yes. Will it matter? No. LSU 31, Iowa 21

Michigan State vs. Stanford

MOREHOUSE — I always say Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio is the school’s “statue” coach. Not that he’s literally a statue. Michigan State 31, Stanford 28

HLAS — Iowa should try this Rose Bowl thing sometime and show its younger fans what a real bowl game feels like. There are no fake pirate ships in the Rose Bowl, my friends. Stanford 24, Michigan State 17

DOCHTERMAN — A team from Michigan played Stanford in the first Rose Bowl. That was a long time ago. Stanford 23, Michigan State 20

SAVILLE — The Spartans have the best “D” in the country and defense wins championships and bowl games. Michigan State 24, Stanford 17

MALICKI — In case my spouse is reading this, I sure would love some cream colored roses. Just because. Stanford 17, Michigan State 16

BROOKS — Spartan “D” is there, but Stanford has more offense. Stanford 30, Michigan State 24

PUGLIESE – I’ve liked the Spartans defense all season. Michigan State 20, Stanford 13

OGDEN – I think it’s time for the Big Ten to stand up and punch someone in the mouth in a big game. Michigan State 28, Stanford 10

JOHNSON – Bet the under, kids. Michigan State 17, Stanford 16

DAVIS - The 100th Rose Bowl is going to be a knock-down, drag-out edition that could be a throwback. Michigan State may be down a few players, but still boasts the best corner in the country in Darqueze  Dennard and he should play a big role.  Michigan State 27, Stanford 24

GRAY – Mark Dantonio's presser will be festive. Laughs and smiles all around. Really. Michigan State 17, Stanford 14

Florida State vs. Auburn

MOREHOUSE — I’ve spent the last week in SEC country. I’m now a true believer in Waffle Houses and SEC football. Auburn 38, Florida State 28

HLAS — If George Harrison or George Carlin were still alive, this game would be of no interest to them. Florida State 31, Auburn 20

DOCHTERMAN — The match-up “everybody” wanted to see ... I guess. Florida State 34, Auburn 26

SAVILLE — Auburn is a better football team. Auburn 28, Florida State 21

MALICKI — Still bitter Mizzou isn’t in this contest. I’ll be drowning my sorrows in Rotel Queso dip and root beer floats. Florida State 38, Auburn 31

BROOKS — Florida State has the Heisman Trophy winner, but more importantly the balance to get the job done. Florida State 36, Auburn 26

PUGLIESE – The only two teams that could derail FSU are the Alabama Gang. Auburn 31, FSU 28

OGDEN – Florida State is just too good. I mean really good. Florida State 35, Auburn 14

JOHNSON – Hey, how come Iowa State’s bowl game isn’t on this list? Oh, that’s right. Florida State 31, Auburn 22

DAVIS - Jimbo Fisher may have a new contract and James Winston may have the Heisman, but Auburn seems to have fate on its side. The endings of the Georgia and Alabama games prove that. Between fate and the SEC pedigree, I'll give the nod to the Tigers. Auburn 31, Florida State 28

GRAY – Who needs defense when the offense's are this doggone good? And the SEC won't win! Florida State 48, Auburn 42


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