Our country needs Christian values

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Published: December 30 2013 | 2:30 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:27 am in
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I am a former employee of the Iowa Juvenile Home and a current employee of the Iowa Veterans Home. It seems Gov. Terry Branstad has little concern for the people of Iowa.

The Iowans being hit the hardest are the unwanted/troubled children, the mentally impaired, elderly and the defenders of our freedom, the American veteran. We need facilities for these people. It is called caring for our own. Maybe we should improve our Christian morals and quit worrying about the almighty dollar. Are the closing of the mental health clinics and the Iowa Juvenile Home a moral issue or a money issue?

We have troubled children to care for and we need to do just that, not send them to another state to care for them. Closing mental health clinics, closing homes for children in need of assistance, creating more high-dollar management positions is not the answer. Creating positions that actually have “hands on” care of our clients/residents is necessary. If we hire people with Christian values, there would be better care, less abuse, and an honest day’s work for a decent wage. This is why we need Christian values in our government, our facilities, our churches and our homes. Ask what would Jesus do. This nation was founded on Christian values. Deal with it. I think it is time that Christians stand together and take back our country and its basic beliefs.

Kathy Humbers


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