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Published: December 29 2013 | 2:40 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:23 am in
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I want to express my extreme displeasure about an officer in the Cedar Rapids Police Department (CRPD) who thought it necessary to give a ticket to a young woman on the evening of Christmas Eve while she was on her way to work at a restaurant in the downtown area.

This ticket was not for a moving violation or something serious. No, instead it was for not having license tags up to date. Was this really the right thing to do on Christmas Eve? A young woman working two jobs, unable to make ends meet, thanks for adding to her issues. She went to the county office, but it was so crowded she wasnt able to spend the time in line. She was planning to take care of this after Christmas and did so Thursday. An infraction this trivial should warrant a warning, not a ticket for $127, especially on Christmas Eve.

This heavy-handed approach to law enforcement brings disrespect to the entire CRPD and is not the way to treat the public. Respect is earned, not given. Acts like this turn the public against the police. I hope the coldhearted cop who did this got coal in his stocking. As for the CRPD, you have lost my support because of this and other similar actions.

Tim Cunningham

Cedar Rapids


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