Outback Bowl contest: Win Nile Kinnick bobblehead

Mike Hlas
Published: December 28 2013 | 12:33 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:22 am in
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A disclaimer: I don't really find the concept of a Nile Kinnick bobblehead particularly tasteful.

That said, I happened into one. I'm not a collector of anything but dust, so I'm looking to give it to a good home. But it needs to be earned. Thus, I'm having a contest with very simple rules. Read them, heed them.

I've learned nothing good happens when I have contests here. Too much administration, no payoff for the adminstrator. So again, read the rules!

1. The only answers that will be accepted are those that are put in the comments section of this blog. If you absolutely cannot make the comments section work for you --  and it's been known to happen -- contact nickpugliese@sourcemedia.net and ask for help. He's my department manager. While you're at it, tell him to get me that parking spot in the company ramp that I still don't have after 32 years there.

2. Rule No. 1 means tweets or emails with your answers are invalid.

3. Whomever gets the most questions correct will win. There is a tiebreaker. Answer it.

4. You may only enter once.

5. All entries must be dated by 11:44 a.m., Wednesday Jan. 1, 2014.

6. Employees of The Gazette, KCRG, and the rest of our company are ineligible. So are all my friends, which rules out at least three people, and maybe as many as five. Probably three.

Let us proceed with the questions:

1) How many passing yards for Jake Rudock?

a) 0-150

b) 151-187

c) 188-226

d) 227-265

e) 266-plus

2) Who will be Iowa's third-leading rusher Wednesday?

a) Damon Bullock

b) Jordan Canzeri

c) LeShun Daniels

d) Jake Rudock

e) Mark Weisman

3) Will the first Hawkeye who comes up with a turnover be:

a) A defensive lineman

b) A linebacker

c) A defensive back

d) A special-teams player (Special teams supersedes the other three if it's on a special-teams play)

4. Will LSU and Iowa, respectively, score in the game's first 7:30?

a) Yes and yes

b) Yes and no

c) No and yes

d) No and no

5. Iowa will be in the lead at the end of how many quarters?

a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 3

e) 4

6. Who will win and by how much?

a) LSU by 11-plus points

b) LSU by 6-10

c) LSU by 1-5

d) Iowa by 11-plus

e) Iowa by 6-10

f) Iowa by 1-5

7. Which Big Ten team will score the most points on Wednesday?

a) Iowa

b) Michigan State

c) Nebraska

d) Wisconsin

8) Finally ... Do you pledge your unwavering support to the Hlog in 2014?

a) Yes (the correct answer, by the way)

b) If "unwavering" means I'll visit the site as I see fit, absolutely

c) I would, but it's my bowling night

d) Stop wasting my time, I want to answer the first seven questions and get out of here

e) There is no e)


Score and winner of the Capital One Bowl (South Carolina vs. Wisconsin)


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