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Published: December 28 2013 | 11:59 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:21 am in
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Dr. Mark J. Tyler’s guest column (“Start small to fix health care,” Dec. 19) makes it two such columns in recent months where facts about the Affordable Health Act (ACA) have been misrepresented. He states, “I do not remember one idea or suggestion by the Republicans that was included in the final document.”

Note the word “document’ and not law. Technically correct in that the ACA was not suggested by this GOP, they were recommended by the GOP/Heritage Foundation as their alternative to President Bill Clinton’s health care plan. Years later, the same ideas came in the ACA and are abominable.

Being originally GOP/Heritage ideas negates Tyler’s statement that the vitriol is justified because they have no “skin in the game.”

He states Medicaid should have been expanded as an alternative. The “single payer option” was deleted at the Grand Old Player Sen. Chuck Grassley’s insistence. Yes, it would have made the law better, but Grassley’s wisdom is better. A lot of the ACA was crafted to please him.

Tyler’s closing remark about letting insurance companies in the writing process is like letting the fox in the henhouse. Their free market approach is record profits for shareholders built on 150 percent rate increases in six years before the ACA. People could not absorb those taxes for much longer.

Something needed to be done and Democrats did it. The GOP needs to work with the Democrats to tweak the ACA, propose their own plan or sit back and grouse like they are doing now.

Dave Ameling



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