How is climate change affecting your farm or ranch?

Published: December 23 2013 | 7:35 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:12 am in
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MAY. 31, 2012

Holiday, what holiday?

For the first time in anyone’s memory, wheat farmers were in the fields last Memorial Day weekend and #harvest12 is well underway three weeks earlier than usual.

“I never had to work a Memorial Day in my life until this year,” Pat Breeding, who works at the Scoular Co. elevator in Ottawa County, Kan., told the Kansas City Star.

Summer is upon us, despite its official arrival set for June 20.

It’s not just wheat farmers reacting to the weather. Corn is well on its way to more than knee-high by the Fourth of July, as the saying goes, and last year producers battled floods and drought.

We want to know more about these dramatic changes and how you are managing them. Harvest Public Media is teaming up with PBS NewsHour to explore what this climate change means for farmers and ranchers.

By clicking here, you can share your experiences and insights so our listeners and readers are more informed about the challenges you face.

As farmers and ranchers begin to manage this “weird weather,” as this morning’s KC Star’s headline said, scientists are trying to help. Next week, the University of Missouri will hold a Climate Change Adaptation Conference, looking at food, health and sustainable energy.  Sessions will tackle policy issues, research priorities and infrastructure needs.

After all the stories I’ve read about the many people who deny climate change, I wondered if Mizzou officials had any heartburn about holding such a conference. So I called Don Day, a Missouri Extension associate who is helping organize the meetings.

“I think the biggest thing people have disagreed about around here is not that it’s occurring but whether humans can do anything about it,” he said.

No heartburn at all, it appears. Missouri officials are hoping to create a center for more work on climate change, Don said, and this is the first event that the school is holding.

How are you managing? Tell us your story by clicking here and tell us how climate change has changed your business.

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