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Annie is raised on a tobacco farm in Kentucky by her grandparents after her mother dies.

As an adult she retreats to New York City where she is a flight attendant, but once she loses her job, she returns to Kentucky to face her memories.

Angela Correll based her debut novel on her own background in farming and promoting local food.

In Annie, she creates a likable character. The people she encounters back on the farm are funny, lively and well developed as well.

I particularly enjoyed Beulah, Annie’s grandma. As a woman who grew up during the depression, her farming and gardening methods are very important to the story’s development. A lot of her wisdom — “Hard work is hard on the body, but good for the soul” — reminded me of my own parents and grandparents.

As someone who also grew up on a farm but doesn’t currently live on one, this story reminded me of all the things I appreciate about being home.

The gardening, canning, horses, sights and sounds in this story all reminded me of being back at the farm. The importance of farming is central to this novel, which raises questions about where and how you get your food to feed your family.

The author adds a mystery character to the story that gives it a twist and keeps you guessing along the way as to her identity and reason for her secrets. Even though her story is minor, it offers a nice balance and intrigue to the rest of drama.

This is a great “weekend read” that you could share with your grandmother.

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