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Published: December 21 2013 | 3:10 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 1:09 am in
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The “flattening” or declining test scores of America’s high school students has been occurring for years and educators continue to give their reasons for these results. While I believe that our education system needs improvement, educators are at a disadvantage because they do not dare offer the “real reason” for this mediocre performance.

Testing of international students in multiple countries should be done on a “level field” but with the shift of international populations to other countries, the race mix changes as do the test scores.

Therefore, there is “no level playing field” and it’s impossible to fairly evaluate our children versus those from other countries.

Furthermore, while our kids live in a society that encourages “open immigration” and declining standards of behavior in classrooms, it will be a struggle to improve. The race mix with its variable standards of family expectations will be at a disadvantage with those countries whose societies prefer their populace to be “native born” citizens descended for centuries from families of the same background.

The critical reason for our “maintaining mediocrity in test results” is the minority mix within our society. Increased numbers of students don’t guarantee improved academic achievement. Quite the contrary.

Any time you combine Level A students with Level C students, the best you can hope to achieve is “maybe a low Level B.”

Synergy doesn’t work when people with different standards are combined. Seek and you will find this is true.

Phil Alexander



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