Clean Line will be a hazard to Iowa

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Published: December 16 2013 | 1:33 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 12:55 am in
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Taking land out of production for electrifying another state seems like an unreasonable use of land, not to mention what adding more electric towers would do to our environment.

Timber land will be taken out for construction of power lines.

Letís not destroy our woodlands that have been a part of Iowa for many years and replace them with metal fortresses. Iowaís cornfields, pastures and timbers provide the most green that is needed, not another wind farm. Rock Island Clean Line will be a hazard to Iowa, environmentally and financially.

Putting this line through Iowa is not the answer to energy independence. RICL will not be allowing Iowans to use the energy Iowans produce. Do not send our valuable, potential energy resource out of state. If wind energy is the green energy of the future, then let Iowa develop, expand and use our own resource. We donít need a big Houston company taking the resources Iowans produce and use for RICLís own profitability.

RICL is bad for the environment, bad for the economy and potentially harmful for those of us living under and around the power line. Stop RICL from taking advantage of our healthy citizens, fertile land, economic resources and shipping the product to another state.

Contact The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance at for more information and a link to the objection form. Letís work together to stop Rock Island Clean Line.

Patricia Barglof



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