Video: Zach Johnson holes shot at 18

Johnson went on to beat Tiger Woods Sunday in playoff

Mike Hlas
Published: December 8 2013 | 4:41 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 12:37 am in
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After putting his approach shot in the water on the final hole of regulation while he was tied with Tiger Woods for the lead Sunday in the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge, Cedar Rapids' Zach Johnson needed to hit a pretty wonderful shot from the drop area.

He did, he stayed tied with Woods and entered a sudden-death playoff, and won on the second hole of the playoff.

Here's the shot:

Here is an excerpt from Johnson's comments at the post-round press conference:

I mean you know, everybody talks about going head to head with him. I mean you want to play with him and you want to be with him coming down the stretch on a Sunday. I mean that's just what you want as a competitor. That's what I want as a competitor. I mean I want to play against the best. He's the best I've ever played with. And I want to put myself in that position. I've been in it, I don't know how many times, twice here and a handful of times on tour.

I like playing with him. He's a friend. He seems to bring out the worst and the best in you, you know. But I love that. I'm going to learn from it, and I learn from him, once again because he's the best player that's ever played in my opinion.

You know, it's nothing more than that. I mean I'm just trying to compete. I feel great out there. Like you said, if I win, I win. If I lose, I lose. That's kind of simple, but that's kind of the way I approached today. I just like to compete and being in those situations where you get into holes have you to execute, you have to hit a shot. And that's just fun, even if you shank it.

Here's another:

I feel extremely blessed to have-- to play this game in this era, to play against Tiger, to play against these guys. I feel like I am a product of the guys that have helped me. And that's really-- I know I've got something inside of me that drives me. I love the competition. I love being in difficult situations and having to execute and that sort of thing. I like when you get somewhat in contention, I like getting after it. I've always liked that. Doesn't matter what sport it is.

But I say all of that, and I don't feel like-- a lot of these guys, like the guy today, I may not be as talented in some regards, but I know what my talent is, and I know my limitations and I feel like I know my game. So if it's good enough that week, that day, then great. If it's not, I'll just keep working.

And there's room for improvement, certainly on a left-to-right downhill lie with an 8-iron in your hand. I can improve on that. But I'm going to enjoy that work and I'm going to try to keep getting better.


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