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Published: December 8 2013 | 2:11 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 12:36 am in
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Regarding the Dec. 4 article in The Gazette, “Iowa lawmaker calls for moratorium on gaming licenses,” I believe the answer is “home casino licenses” similar to the “home brewing” of beer.

The state would sell licenses to individuals (single-family dwellings of course; no apartments) who could then set up slot machines and gaming tables in their home to “entertain” their neighbors and friends. This would, of course, compete with impending “online gaming” but provide the opportunity to win or lose in front of your neighbors because as we all know, gambling is such a social activity. Of course, the county and city would get their cut, so you know they would be on board.

After learning of this idea, a friend pointed out that home casino licenses would not only produce increased social activity, “building stronger neighborhoods,” but it also would contribute to economic development from all those secondary businesses that would open to help people remodel and equip their homes for this new endeavor. Everybody would get their cut and everybody gets richer. Of course, we already knew there are never any losers in gambling.

I’m telling you, “home casinos” are the future of gaming.

Scott Stines

Cedar Rapids


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