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Published: December 8 2013 | 7:02 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 12:36 am in
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Jan. 1 is the day we resolve to lose weight. Feb. 1 is when we start eyeing all that Valentine candy at the end of every aisle at the grocery store. If it takes more than 60 days to form a habit, what can we lean on to get us through those first two months of temptation and fatigue?

Continually renewing your commitment is one strategy that can prove effective. The Iowa City Public Library’s digital magazine service, Zinio, can deliver what you want to know right to your computer, tablet or smartphone. And if you’re looking to gain immediate support to guide you through a weak moment, head to and download the magazine that speaks to your goals.

The most common New Year’s resolutions include the following: lose weight/exercise more, save money, quit smoking/drink less, get a new hobby, maintain a better work-life balance, get organized and read more. The library subscribes to magazines that address all of those things. If “save more money” is on your list, downloading them through a library card won’t cost you a cent.

Those looking to lose weight or exercise more can check out Runner’s World and Weight Watchers, among others. I recommend checking out a couple to see which fits your style the best. You can check out as many as your device and bandwidth will allow.

Personal finance resolution-makers can check out Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, while business owners may wish to download Forbes. Those seeking a new hobby can browse through the many leisure magazines we have on photography, knitting or quilting, cooking, or farming and gardening.

“Get more organized” is another common resolution. Inspiration on organizing within the home can be found in House Beautiful, House & Home and Family Handyman Get Organized!

Taking time out of your day to leisurely read magazines may help achieve a better work-life balance in general. To fit that “read more” resolution, download American Poetry Review, New York Review of Books, Publishers Weekly, or Reader’s Digest. You’ll find informative reviews on all of the latest books and can put a hold on what looks best in our catalog.

Change isn’t easy, but having a plan is the first step in creating new, positive habits. The library has the tools to get you started and help keep you on track. Visit soon to learn more about how 2014 can be your year.

Happy holidays from the Iowa City Public Library.

Melody Dworak is collections librarian at the Iowa City Public Library.

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