Beware Clean Line agents’ deceptions

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Published: December 2 2013 | 2:04 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 12:21 am in
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To the people of Linn County:

Your informational meetings with Rock Island Clean Line are beginning soon — be forewarned of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

As a free nation, owning and possessing private property is a fundamental right we have been afforded. Since when is it OK for a private company to take away our private property for their own personal gain and profit? Every Iowan, every American, ought to be screaming in protest.

Rock Island Clean Line is skilled at telling you what they want you to hear. Don’t be fooled into signing a voluntary easement with Rock Island Clean Line. Don’t be mislead by what they consider is fair and just compensation for your land.

Watch out for Rock Island Clean Line land agents that might try and deceive you. It is rumored that these agents are claiming the proposed transmission line has been approved in an effort to get people to sign a voluntary easement. The line is not approved and do not sign a voluntary easement. There is an organization that can help if you think you’re being mislead, it is called The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance.

Contact The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance for help and information on how to stop Rock Island Clean Line. The website has valuable information and the email address is or phone at (712) 262-5229.

Ted and Kim


New Hartford


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