Casino will bring in well-paying jobs

March 28, 2014 | 10:54 am

During the recent debates about whether Linn County should vote yes or no for a casino in our area, one comment has been thrown around by the opponents of the casino ó that it would only bring in ďlow-paying food service jobs.Ē As someone who has worked in the food industry for more than nine years, I have a problem with that.

First off, the casino will bring in well-paying jobs. It will bring in hundreds of construction and short-term jobs, but more significantly, it also will create more than 360 permanent jobs with an average compensation package of $42,000 a year.

But thatís not the real issue here. As I see it, the real issue is the claim that these so-called low-paying food service jobs are not worthwhile to our community. Food service jobs are critical to our community and essential to Linn Countyís economic recovery from the flood. They provide opportunities to practice valuable learned skills and in many cases there are opportunities for promotion, and these important jobs provide many people with very satisfying careers. Itís insulting to say otherwise.

We need these jobs in Linn County, in addition to all the other jobs that the casino will bring. Thatís why Iím voting yes on March 5.

Chris Miller

General Manager, Zins

Cedar Rapids


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