Cy-Hawk Trophy details released today?

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April 2, 2014 | 10:41 pm

IOWA CITY ó Iowa and Iowa State officials could release information on the temporary Cy-Hawk Trophy sometime early this week, Iowa associate athletics director Rick Klatt said.

But Klatt also acknowledged the process could take longer and likely won't involve a return of the old Cy-Hawk Trophy in a swan song.

"I donít think so," Klatt said. "But maybe. I donít know."

The schools decided to create another Cy-Hawk Trophy and retire the old one, which served from 1977 through last year. The Cy-Hawk series is sponsored by the Iowa Corn Growers Association, which unveiled a new trophy at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 19. That trophy, which featured a family of four with the father showing his son an ear of corn over a bushel of†corn,†was widely panned and the trophy was scrapped.

Klatt said there will be an interim trophy for Saturday's game and the general public will vote on a permanent traveling football trophy between the schools. People are invited to submit ideas through Sept. 30 at

"We aimed high and missed, OK, thatís fine," Klatt said. "I think weíve learned a little bit. Can you introduce a bucket (Indiana-Purdue) as a trophy now? I donít know. I think college football has matured to a point Ö those things all have great stories to them In their day, they made really good sense.

"What Iím really suggesting is the game itself has matured that the fans expectations are a little different than what they were 30, 40 years ago."

Iowa competes for two other traveling football†trophies. The oldest is the Floyd of Rosedale, a 98.3-pound bronze pig, against Minnesota. The schools starting playing for Floyd, which first was a live pig,†in 1935 as a way to ease tensions between the fan bases. Iowa and Wisconsin, which began playing one another in 1894, compete for the Heartland Trophy. That trophy was commissioned in 2004 and features a bull atop a walnut base.

"The question we got on the bull was, 'Why after a 100 years?'" Klatt said. "But it was also at a time where social media wasnít where it is right now. That whole piece of this discussion is also important. People communicate differently now.

"Could you really introduce a wooden turtle (Illinois-Ohio State)†today? Iím pleased this is behind us. Iím reminded by people, including family members, that this will be a story told 20 years from now about what did they play for in 2011?"

Iowa also will play Nebraska for a trophy in the inaugural "Heroes Game" on Nov. 25.

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