University of Iowa offers to help ISU with flooding issues

Published: August 11 2010 | 1:41 pm - Updated: 31 March 2014 | 4:28 am in
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The University of Iowa has offered to help Iowa State University address flooding issues on campus.

Dan Heater, director of building and landscape services for the University of Iowa, made the call.

“First of all, Iowa State and the University of Iowa has a long history of collaboration and partnering during times of needs,” Heater said.

Heater said he contacted ISU’s facilities offices and learned that most of the leaders were in meetings “discussing the things that they need to do.”

On behalf of the University of Iowa, Heater officed to give ISU advices, assistance, equipment and personnel if needed to help with their flood situation.  Equipment assistance would come in the forms of facilities services and utility services.

Heater explained that facilities services includes any sort of maintenance issues as it relates to electrical, mechanical or plumbing.  Utility services comprise utility service distributions on campus.

“We would send pumps, particularly for pumping,” Heater said.  “We have sandbags.  We have HESCO barriers.  We also have experience in building those so we might send teams that would actually go there and help put those things up for them.”

Heater said the University of Iowa could offer whatever ISU feels they need today.

“We could be able to put everything together here very quickly,” Heater said.

Heater anticipates once a call for help was received, his crews could be on the road within an hour and be to Ames a few hours after that.

If ISU just sustains some flash flooding, Heater suspects the University of Iowa’s help would not be needed; if, however, ISU campus falls victim to more long-term flooding, he anticipates ISU will need the UI’s assistance.

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