Peregrine falcons have become nuisance, hazard

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Published: August 8 2010 | 12:01 am - Updated: 31 March 2014 | 4:17 am in
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We have been invaded by peregrine falcons. Our three feeders that were filled with beautiful goldfinches now sit empty. Although we feed cardinals as well as other birds, the goldfinches were special to us and gave us a great deal of pleasure. One neighbor reported that the goldfinches seemed to be a favorite for the falcons to devour. He reported watching them diving for them.

I was able to save a squirrel just yesterday (Aug. 3) when two falcons swooped down on it for the kill.

If I had a cat or a small dog, I would never leave it outside alone while these predators are in the neighborhood. We live close to Jones Park, so be forewarned they are close by.

Last year, we had a two-week-old baby visiting our home. The baby was crying and a falcon landed on the railing next to the window of the infant. I chased the falcon off the porch but he soon returned again as the baby again began crying. This caused no harm but we wondered what would happen to a small child crying outdoors with no adult present.

I know bringing peregrine falcons to Cedar Rapids seemed to be a great thing to do as they were becoming extinct, but they did not tell us how to control them. I understand they are endangered and we are not allowed to harm them in any way. It is very sad that they have killed most of our birds and most likely most of the squirrels. These falcons have taken away one of our real pleasures. We are hearing from others that the falcons seem to be very prevalent in the area.

We hope others will write in with their experiences and reactions to these predators.

Kay Erenberger

Cedar Rapids

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