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Published: August 6 2010 | 5:12 pm - Updated: 31 March 2014 | 4:14 am in
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 You have to catch DJK when you can. He's a limited engagement.

The loquacious wideout talks about the "Iowa Way."

But the money quote here is DJK's take on the huddle before the final play at Michigan State. Yes, he wanted the ball and, yes, there were some bleeps at that moment.

"I don't think there was a time I wanted the ball more. I was (bleeped) off."

Also, DJK has a chance to set records, receiving yards and receptions. He didn't soft pedal it. The dude wants the records. He wants the ball and wants the records.

The senior talks about some of the goofiness in the QB room.

"Everyone's funny. At least we think we're funny."

Yes, he played some volleyball in high school, but it's not exactly his life's work. It's a nice little hook, but not much more than that.

Iowa's O-line last year was 320 almost across the board. This year, with three new starters, it's not.

Is that a big deal?

"I definitely think it's overplayed. I don't think I ever saw a requirement on how heavy you need to be to play offensive line. It's a different style of offensive line."

The Iowa center talks about his relationship with his brother Brian, who started at center for the Hawkeyes in 2005.

James likes the competition with senior Josh Koeppel. "I think the fact that we're still in a competition speaks volumes."

He also weighed in at 280 before camp.

The sophomore talks about the QB depth chart and his experiences last season filling in for starter Ricky Stanzi.

The quarterback meeting room sounds like a fun place to be when it's not business. "Ricky and John can impersonate anyone in the world." Both do decent Kirk Ferentz impressions, but they both declined to perform during Friday's media day.

The senior talks about the job he has this season. For the first time, he's a starter and for the first time he's a middle linebacker.

This fall, the academic all-Big Ten accounting major has six hours. This fall, he's got Auditing and Advanced Taxes. "I only have six hours, but there not exactly badminton and ping pong."

Rumors started about the sophomore's academic status last February.

He was asked about that and he said he's fine and good to go.

Best part of the Jewel interview is when he smiles about being the only one of the three contenders for running back who has yet to catch a pass.

He's working on it.

The sophomore talks about what's ahead for him this season.

He has no set idea on numbers, he just wants to "work his butt off."

He also talked about coming up under a pretty veteran group of receivers.

Also, he believes the shot that Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has at Iowa's receptions and receiving yardage records is a very big deal.

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