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Published: July 23 2010 | 2:47 pm - Updated: 2 April 2014 | 4:58 pm in
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NFL training camps begin in earnest next week.

Six former Hawkeyes will be paid to play football for the first time in their lives. Yes, there has been debate radiating out of the SEC with the agents, pimps and money references. And yes, college football players are paid tuition, so, technically, yes, they're paid.

So, rephrasing, this is the first time these six Hawkeyes will be paid in a free market a salary that should allow them to provide a nice home for themselves and, maybe, their families.

I think that covers it.

Offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga (first-round pick with the Packers) and linebacker Pat Angerer (second round to the Colts) have yet to sign deals. First rounders are usually the last. They could come in anyday, next week or they could hold out (though I doubt it knowing these two).

Here are the numbers for the four Hawkeyes who have signed:

Cornerback Amari Spievey (Detroit Lions, third rounder) -- Three-year deal, $1.912 million with a $697, ooo signing bonus

Tight end Tony Moeaki (Kansas City Chiefs, third rounder) -- Four-year deal, $2.47 million, $680,000 guaranteed

Linebacker A.J. Edds (Miami Dolphins, fourth rounder) -- Four-year deal, $2.267 million, $477,000 signing bonus

Offensive lineman Kyle Calloway (Buffalo Bills, seventh round -- Four years, $1.852 million, $62,250 signing bonus

Without numbers for a first and second rounder, former Hawkeyes have signed for just more than $1.9 million with contracts totaling 15 years and nearly $8.5 million. Also, Moeaki and Edds have fourth-year escalators that could add nearly a million to each of their deals.

Bulaga was the 23rd pick in April's draft. In the 2009 draft, the Baltimore Ravens drafted OT Michael Oher and signed him to a five-year, $13 million deal with $7.82 million guaranteed.

Angerer went at No. 63. In '09, the 63rd pick was defensive end Cody Brown, who signed a four-year, $3.067 million contract with a $956,000 signing bonus.

Usually, contract slots increase around 10 percent the next draft. There are exceptions, but that should give you a range of what Bulaga and Angerer could be looking at in pay-for-play. 

If these numbers are in the ballpark, the 2010 Iowa draft class will have around $11 million in signing bonuses and around $25 million in contracts. The six were the most Iowa had taken in the 1976 draft. So, it's probably safe to say this will be Iowa's richest draft class.

No wonder that team was 11-2.

But wait . . .

Iowa's current group of draft eligibles could give the 2010 draft list a run.

Here's a list of possibilities (some are NFL locks, some are maybes and some might go early):

Defensive end Adrian Clayborn (lock)

Defensive tackle Christian Ballard (lock)

Quarterback Ricky Stanzi (lock)

Wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos (lock)

Punter Ryan Donahue (lock)

Wide receiver Marvin McNutt (draft eligible)

Strong safety Tyler Sash (draft eligible)

Cornerback Shaun Prater (draft eligible)

Tight end Allen Reisner (maybe)

Linebacker Jeremiha Hunter (maybe)

Defensive tackle Karl Klug (maybe)

Please don't read into this that Sash, McNutt and Prater are goners. Just pointing out that they are draft eligible. That'll take care of itself. 

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