Woman loses job as a Linn County prosecutor after confrontation with police (WITH VIDEO)

Mark Geary
Published: July 15 2010 | 1:41 pm - Updated: 2 April 2014 | 4:16 pm in
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A woman on track to become a Linn County prosecutor lost that chance after police pulled her over in Marion last month for having tinted windows.

New dash cam video police released today shows Lisa Jones-Hall called the officer names and tried to use her new job to get out of the ticket. The officer asked Jones-Hall to sign a ticket because he said her windows were illegally tinted. But, she initially refused to sign it, called the officer names and then brought up the job she was supposed to start the following week.

"Ok. I want you to arrest me for having tinted windows. I start with the Linn County Prosecutor's Office next Tuesday. I want you to arrest me for not signing this, Jones-Hall told the officer.

Watch police dash cam video:

After hearing about this incident, the Linn County Prosecutor's Office decided not to hire Jones-Hall.

Marion police said they write tickets for tinted windows all the time. Last year, they issued 415 tickets for tinted windows. So far, this year, they've already written 246 tickets for breaking this particular law. Police said nobody likes to get pulled over, but these kinds of heated confrontations on the road are not usual.

"It's rare. Most people, once you talk to them and get them calmed down, they realize they can take this into the legal arena, said Sgt. Rich Holland of the Marion Police Department.

When asked for comment, Lisa Jones-Hall said she just wants to put this whole situation behind her. She's returned to her job at Iowa Legal Aid and says she just wants to keep helping people like she's always done.

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