Actual betting lines on some Iowa games have been posted in Las Vegas

Published: June 30 2010 | 12:06 am - Updated: 31 March 2014 | 3:47 am in
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Last week, Gazette colleague Marc Morehouse had this On Iowa post about betting lines established by Las Vegas Sports Consultants.

Well, the Golden Nuggest casino in Las Vegas has put some of those numbers to use. This recent Las Vegas Review Journal column by Matt Youmans lists some of the 200 early lines the Golden Nugget recently posted. They are straight from Las Vegas Sports Consultants, whose college football power rankings I share here during the season.

The lines involving Iowa that were posted by the Golden Nugget:

Iowa by 2.5 at Arizona

Iowa by 3 at Michigan

Iowa by 7.5 vs. Michigan State

Ohio State by 4 at Iowa

Youmans' column only mentions the Ohio State game. A Twitter friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas and monitors such things (for recreational purposes only) told me about the other three.

Now, a four-team parlay typically pays 10 to 1 at Nevada sportsbooks. Or so I've heard. What would be your four-team parlay for the games listed here?

You aren't legally bound here. This is just an exhibition, not a competition.

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