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Published: April 13 2010 | 2:43 pm - Updated: 30 March 2014 | 10:54 pm in
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Norm Parker has been in coaching since 1965, so he's allowed the following quote:

"I'll probably croak out on the field someday. I hopw we're ahead when I do it."


Here's Parker's opening statement.

Here Parker talks senior DE Adrian Clayborn and touches on a few young DL solidifying what already is the strongest area on the 2010 Hawkeyes.

Defensive backs are the topic here.

Iowa lost a lot of leadership off the 11-2 Orange Bowl winners of 2009. Here Parker touches on where that could come from in '10. Also, he says senior LB Jeff Tarpinian will be a "major" component of the 2010 LB corps.

Here Parker talks about the consistency that senior LB Jeremiha Hunter has found. Also, he talks about the appreciation for DT Karl Klug, saying he belongs in the Ferentz era pantheon of great DLs.

The 67-year-old DC has had two rounds of toe amputations in the last six years, so the question comes up nearly everytime he speaks -- how long can he keep it going. Also, I asked what charges his battery in a profession he's been immersed in since 1965.

Here, Parker touches on the personnel Iowa will lose to the NFL draft next week. Also, he says if there's a hole in the defense, a good offense will find and that's where the leak will be.

I asked about Iowa's pair of safeties, if junior Tyler Sash and senior Brett Greenwood fit into that upper tier of safeties at Iowa. Sounds as though Norm would like to see another year where they pick off nine passes between the two of them.

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