Masterful stroke for Tiger

Nick Pugliese
Published: March 16 2010 | 11:17 am - Updated: 30 March 2014 | 9:10 pm in
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When Tiger Woods announced his leave from the PGA Tour in February while admitting to multiple affairs, I quickly remarked that he would return for the Masters. This year.

Oh, if all of my predictions were so accurate, I'd be living in Las Vegas playing the sports book.

It simply made sense that Tiger would come back to the one course -- well, outside of all those private courses in Dubai -- where he will be protected from the ugly masses that want his head on a platter for all his indiscretions. Utter even so much as an anti-Tiger peep at Augusta National and it's your head that will be lopped off as well as your Masters ticket. Forever.

And, there are a limited number of credentials issued for the Masters so you know TMZ, the National Enquirer and all the gossip outlets will be barred from the grounds.

Tuesday it finally became official that Tiger will return to golf in the Masters cocoon while also playing a course that he has owned. From becoming the Masters' youngest champion (21) in 1997 when he won by a record 12 strokes to the other three green jackets in his closet (unless his wife burned them), Tiger has been the man at this nation's most storied golf tournament.

After undergoing treatment for almost two months for his sex addiction, Tiger has been practicing in Florida for weeks so you know he will be ready emotionally and physically.

And, if he does manage to be wearing the green jacket again on that Sunday afternoon in early April, here is my next prediction:

All will be forgiven.

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