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Published: September 8 2009 | 3:37 pm - Updated: 30 March 2014 | 9:06 am in
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-- Sounds like at some points Saturday, Iowa will have Kyle Calloway and Julian Vandervelde on the O-line. Calloway is playing, returning from his one-game suspension. The IT band strain has cleared up. He's in. Vandervelde is cleared to play after going through the early-summer arm surgery and rehab. The hold up is if he's ready to hit. Vandervelde didn't practice at all in fall camp. But Kirk Ferentz did say he'll play Saturday.

"We'll play him some, assuming he has a good week," Ferentz said. "We'll just have to see how he'll do."

-- Right now, the OL will go Bulaga, Calloway at tackles, Eubanks at center and Dace Richardson/Adam Gettis/Dan Doering and "go from there," Ferentz said. On Dace, Ferentz said, "He did OK out there. He did fine. It was good for him to just get through a game. It was the first time he played a game in a long, long time. That was critical. Good solid job, first time out."

-- WR Colin Sandeman was cleared Saturday, but didn't play. He missed a lot of time in camp. He might be the punt returner, but right now that looks to be either Amari Spievey or Paul Chaney Jr., who earned praise for finding it this year Tuesday from Ferentz. Sandeman had a "very significant" hamstring injury and missed a ton of camp.

-- Ferentz also mentioned that DJK missed a lot of camp (hamstring). What "a lot" means is who knows what, but there that is.

-- RB Paki O'Meara's fumble on his first carry of the second half clearly affected his playing time, but Ferentz said he's not out of the plans. A fumble doesn't throw away a players' resume, "We're not passing out life sentences here," Ferentz said. I didn't ask about two fumbles.

--  Here's the full quote on DJK:

"We've had a lot of players that have been hurt or had injuries. Not hurt. But he had injuries during camp. Yeah, he missed some time. I said last week he really had a good camp when he was in there and then missed some time. You know, more towards the latter part of camp. He was in there. Did a nice job in the second half. Made a tremendous catch on a tough third down conversion. And you mentioned Stross and Tony earlier, and we're counting on Derrell to play, too. He's a veteran guy.

"It just so happens Marvin's played well, too. Marvin has done a great job. But I look at it from the standpoint that we lost a good one with Andy Brodell, but we've also gained some guys. And Chaney made a good play on that unfortunately the one that got rubbed out. So I think we're seeing guys make progress. And we'll play all those guys. It's not like we're overloaded with fire power right now."

Could it be that McNutt has beaten out DJK? It could.

-- A lot was made (by me) about TE Tony Moeaki's 10 catches vs. the 13 he had all last season. Well, Chaney had more touches Saturday (28-yard reverse, 9-yard reception and 2-yard punt return) than he had in all of 2008 (two receptions).

As a redshirt freshman, Chaney caught 19 passes. Last year, two. Ferentz said he doesn't believe in dog houses.

"Regarding Paul, his playing time and his involvement has really been a reflection of how he's been practicing," Ferentz said. "And I think I made the comment a while back, watching him in track last spring, that's one of the greatest things that's happened in the past three years. It seems to me he's found his groove a little bit, and was getting some confidence, and developing some confidence."

-- Did QB Ricky Stanzi take too many chances Saturday? He did fit a few passes in some pretty tight windows.

"That's part of playing quarterback," Ferentz said. "Temptation is always there. There are times to take shot and there are other times you don't want to. That's part of the thought process."

Coaches might say "risk." Stanzi prefers to see it another way.

"Some people might call it taking chances, other people call it 'trying to make plays,' " Stanzi said. "On my side, you call it 'trying to make plays.' On the coaches' side, it's 'taking chances.' "

-- Injuries: Ferentz said none.

-- Iowa coaches (mostly the strength and conditioning staff) have plastered the Hayden Complex with reminders of who the Hawkeyes are playing this week.

It's Iowa State, by the way.

"There's stuff all over," center Rafeal Eubanks said. "There's stuff all over. We've got stuff on our locker, in our locker. There's stuff in our weightroom. We'll be looking at this stuff all week."


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