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Published: July 27 2009 | 8:50 am - Updated: 30 March 2014 | 6:37 am in
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Just going down the line here. Doesn't look as though there are any surprises. Ran into the Iowa guys in the lobby. They had to do double workouts yesterday because they were going to be in Chicago today.

Yes, they look tired.

SE -- McNutt with Sandeman and DJK listed as backups (3, 2, 1 . . . DJK discussion)

LT -- Bulaga, Reiff

LG -- Dace with Haganman and Kuempel an "OR"

C -- Rafael Eubanks, Josh Koeppel

RG -- Julian with Doering and Gettis listed "OR"

RT -- Kyle Calloway and Markus Zusevics

TE -- Moeaki, Reisner

QB -- Stanzi with Vandenberg and Wienke listed "OR"

WR -- Stross, Paul Chaney Jr.

RB -- Jewel, Paki (obviously done before Jewel's injury; I'd list Jeff Brinson here)

FB -- Morse

PK -- Murray, Mossbrucker (no "OR"


DE -- Clayborn, Lebron Daniel

DT -- Klug, Bigach (who's listed at 270)

DT -- Mike Daniels with Travis Meade and Cody Hundertmark listed "OR"

DE -- Ballard, Binns

OLB -- Edds, Nielsen

MLB -- Angerer, Troy Johnson

WLB -- Jeremiha Hunter, Tarpinian

LC -- Bernstine, Willie Lowe (Shaun Prater will factor here eventually)

SS -- Sash, Cato (Sash Cato was a villian on a "Magnum PI.")

FS -- Greenwood, Swanson

RC -- Spievey, Castillo

P -- Donahue, Guthrie


Punt -- Sandeman

Long snapper -- Andrew Schulze

Kick -- Jewel, Paki

Holder -- Donahue

More later.

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