12 Days of Christmas

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March 30, 2014 | 3:05 pm


    It’s that giving time of year, and thanks to the folks at Liquid Fence, I have something to give away. Free bottles of FreezePruf for plants can be yours if you send an email to me at the end of this contest (December 18, 2009) with all of the clues that I’ll post in the next 12 days. I can’t promise one clue per day, but check back every day to see. Some have suggested the contest be tricky, with hidden clues or photos, but this will be fairly straightforward. The clues will be posted at the end of the blogs. The first will be posted tomorrow – Monday, Dec. 7 – so look for it at the end of tomorrow’s blog.

   On the last day, send all the clues together to me at: cindy.hadish@gazcomm.com

   Include your name and contact info. I won’t use your information except to contact you if you’ve won.

   Depending on how many people enter, I’ll draw names for the free bottles of FreezePruf. You’ll need to be able to pick it up at The Gazette in downtown Cedar Rapids or our Iowa City office.

   Read more about FreezePruf here: http://thegazette.com/blogs/homegrown/2009/11/05/antifreeze-for-your-plants

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